TrailTech TTO Tach & hour Digital Guage Black Surface Mount
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Trail Tech TTO Tach/Hour Meter Surface mount.

    Works on all gas engines (including fuel injected 4-cyl engines)
    Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable
    Measures tach up 20,000 RPM in real time
    Remembers max RPM, resettable
    Spinning arrow activity icon
    Adjustable display update smoothness (fast/slow)
    Adjustable tach pulse sensitivity (high/low)

The TTO Digital Tach/Hour Gauge with Maintenance is full of features. Large readable display allows you to easily monitor your engine's running hours up to 99,999 total hours ensuring that you perform proper maintenance on your engine. The LCD display lets you to easily view all gauge readings regardless of the angle or lighting conditions. Features: Tachometer from 0-19999 rpms Non-resetable hour meter from 0-99999 Hours Surface mount for easy install anywhere Max RPM features Customizable warnings and maintenance reminders from 1-999 hours with flash alert service alarms


TrailTech TTO Tach & hour Digital Guage Black Surface Mount

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