Switch Unit Stage6 CNC-type chrome
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Switch unit from Stage6 that will dwarf all plastic handlebar controls available so far on the market. This switch unit is an excellently finished state-of-the-art product CNC milled from aluminium. And the equipment leaves nothing to be desired either. The unit offers opportunities to connect indicators, light switch as well as horn or starter and is rounded off by a M8 mirror mount so you can still keep an eye on the traffic behind you while bombing down the streets. This is a great upgrade for all conversions that do away with the handlebar controls. Available in steel grey, black and real chrome! Can also be purchased in a kit with the fitting quick action throttle.

Stock Left Connector -- Stage 6
Black ------------ brown (The power of Horn switch )
Light Green ------- yellow (Horn)
Black/Brown ------ purple (Power to hi/low beam)
White ----------- green (Low Beam)
Blue ------------- grey (High Beam)
Orange ----------- red (Left blinker)
Light Blue -------- black (Right Blinker)
Gray ------------ orange (power to blinker Switch)

ATR Left Connector -- Stage 6
Black ------------ brown
Light Green ------- yellow
Yellow ------ purple (This is the FEED wire to the headlights if you are running LED light you must plug in 12v DC and cap off yellow)
Yellow/white ----------- green
Blue/white ------------- grey
Orange ----------- red
Light Blue -------- black
Gray ------------ orange


Switch Unit Stage6 CNC-type chrome

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