OTTO FACTORY GET Ruckus Motor License Mount (2 mounting Points)
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OTTO FACTORY GET 49cc Ruckus Motor License Plate Mount with all hardware. Can be mounted Vertical or horizontal. Powder Coated in Gloss Black with Stainless Hardware. Mounts on the Ruckus GET CVT case and allows you to run your plate 12 different ways. If you like it vertical but the cops don't you can just change it back. No need to buy another or cut up your plate mount to get what you want. Also you can run your plate slightly tucked inside the wheel for a more streamline look. Comes with stainless mount hardware and rubber sticky buttons to help with vibration noise.  Some other features: 2 point mounting on the CVT case for superior durability. Button head bolts used to mount plate bracket. This was done rather than counter sinking recesses into the steel because in order to use countersinks the steel has to be thick. With the plate mount being the biggest section of this part you want weight at a minimum due to the leverage its going to see when the engine is running (vibrating). I could have used thicker aluminum to offset the weight but that would also offset the cost due to aluminum being more expensive than steel. 

Mounts to exisiting spots on CVT cover with provided Stainless Hardware. Comes in Gloss black powdercoat finish. Dont settle for the half assed (lazy) 1 bolt universal plate mounts out there, this mount was designed to last. ....and 12 mount options

If you have a GY6 check out the Otto Factory GY6 License plate mount.

OTTO FACTORY GET Ruckus Motor License Mount (2 mounting Points)

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