Michelin Power Pure SC 140/70-12 M/C Tire
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Michelin Pilot Power Pure SC REAR  Tire

  • World’s first dual compound technology scooter tire (2CT)
  • Increased safety, grip, sportiness and longevity
  • Delivers feedback and grip in all driving conditions
  • Slick central portion puts more rubber on the ground to increase longevity
  • Shoulders are made with softer rubber to enhance grip and safety
  • Holds the road in wet, damp or slippery surfaces
  • Fountain tread design found in Michelin’s racing tires

Will need staps and a Cheeta Air blaster to get tire to Seat on 12x8 rim. Picture shows it can be done so don't let tire shops say it can't because they don't have

the right tools. RIM IS NOT INCLUDED

Michelin Power Pure SC 140/70-12 M/C Tire

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