Michelin Bopper Street Tire (130/90-10)
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Michelin Bopper Street Tire (130/90-10)
Michelin Bopper Performance Front/Rear Scooter Tire

The advanced design of the Michelin® Bopper® tire helps deliver outstanding performance. With impressive grip even at full lean, the Bopper® tire inspires confidence thanks to its excellent feedback and control. The directional, semi-slick tread pattern helps provide a stable contact patch for acceleration and cornering.

    Bopper® features a semi-slick tread pattern derived from racing slicks for exceptional adhesion in corners
    Directional tread for optimal performance on front or rear wheels
    Inspired by racing slicks
    Exceptional adhesion in corner
    L-rated for speeds up to 75 mph


Michelin Bopper Street Tire (130/90-10)

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