LOWERED Password JDM Ruckus Kickstand SHIPS FREE
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Did you ever notice your Ruckus center stand is very heavy and a bitch to lower? Now you can ditch that weight and get a kick stand that really works. The PWJDM Kickstand is by far the cleanest looking and most functional Ruckus kick stand on the market.

We engineered the PWJDM kickstand to give your Ruckus a pretty hard looking “Gangster” lean when you’re parked. The spring mechanism was placed on the backside of the kick stand for that total clean look. What’s really nice about the PWJDM kickstand, is that you can still use your foot pegs unlike other kickstands made elsewhere.

The Password:JDM Ruckus / Zoomer kickstand is available in a black powder coated finish for all weather durability. PWJDM did it again with this kickstand… Buy one today, and get hated on there after. Designed to fit OEM frames only!

Two versions available!
If your Ruckus is stock height, we recommend using the standard size kickstand that includes a 6" leg. For lowered bikes, we recommend using the shortened size that includes a 5.5" leg.


LOWERED Password JDM Ruckus Kickstand SHIPS FREE

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