GY6 Big Bore 171cc  61MM complete kit with Carb . NCY or TAIDA
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Looking to get more POWWWER out of your GY6 swapped Ruckus or GY6 powered Motor. TRS has a complete bolt on kit just for you with everything you need. We even installed the Throttle cable and jet the carb for you. Your Choice of NCY or TAIDA Brand.

Included in the kit is as follows:



Choose your brand of Big Bore Kit and all of the rest of the parts are the same. We have taken the liberty of installing the throttle cable and the jets for you. BEST OF ALL IT SHIPS FOR FREE

Don't forget to upgrade your Clutch and Variator to get the most out of your Big Bore Kit. See related items below.


Disclaimer: We have this kit on our personal WELL MAINTAINED ruckus and go 75+ MPH with a 200 pound rider. Every Scooter is different and results will vary. Carb is jetted for Sea-level applications. Needle C Clip is set at the Middle but may need to be dropped for better Mid Range. Idle Air Screw is set at 1/2 turn out. Parts should be installed by a trained motorcycle or Scooter Technician. TRS does not work on motors at our retail shop and can only offer tech support on carb settings. PLEASE make sure you have the skill or knowledge or know someone that does before ordering these parts.  TRS makes no warranties, implied or otherwise towards the performance of these kits nor warranty on any part of these kits as they are performance parts. 


GY6 Big Bore 171cc 61MM complete kit with Carb . NCY or TAIDA

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